Escaping the underworld once more, the mighty WARKINGS rejoin on the battlefield with an unforeseen new ally – none other than legendary sorceress Morgana Le Fay.

The sister of Arthur and mistress of the lost has joined the ancient royalty to accompany them in all of their upcoming battles! So, beware for the fourth chapter of the WARKINGS saga


  1. Hellfire feat. Morgana le Fay
  2. To the king
  3. Monsters feat. Morgana le Fay
  4. Last of the English
  5. Heart of rage feat. Morgana le Fay
  6. Row (Into the storm)
  7. Immortal feat. Morgana le Fay
  8. Shame
  9. The rite
  10. Legend untold
  11. Armata strigoi (Bonus-Track)
  12. Cry thunder (Bonus-Track)

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Release Date : November 11, 2022
Format : CD