News from the Battlefields...

Summer Breeze Open-Air confirmed...

Warriors...ready your weapons. We're coming to the Summer Breeze Open-Air for an EPIC battle. 
Prepare your battle cry!!!

Let the madness begin...

It always starts with thunder at the edge of the horizon. We're back in the studio to record our second album.
The Spartan started to pound the drums of doom at the Chameleon-Studios in the old city of Hammaburg. We will carve more great metal-anthems into the stone-plates of the studio!!!

The last battle in 2019...

Warriors…that was the last battle in 2019. Break down the mill…you fought this skirmish really well with us. 
Now we are heading back to the eternal halls of Valhalla…to sharpen our weapons for more battles and to write new songs for our second album. More glory, more honor…be ready for the next campaign.

As we are drinking mead with the Allfather…we have to thank our warriors all over the world for this great welcome in the world of the living. Our army grows stronger every day…all hail to you.

A big salute goes out to our infamous kingsguard…without you, no battle would be possible. Jele, Pat, Vult, Erwin, Nik, Felix, Niko, Sven, Marco, Andrea and Saabi… the gods saw what you did…and they are pleased!!!

The queen of the damned is back on her throne…she rules the seventh circle again. She fought with us and stood by our side like a real warrior-queen. Bow down to her…
When we return…she will leave her throne one more time for more battles with us.

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